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Your choice of an attorney to represent you in a divorce or family court matter is of the utmost importance as these matters are extremely personal and their outcome will have a lifetime impact. Kimberly Allen opened her divorce and family law practice in 1995 and, throughout these past twenty-three years, has represented men and women throughout their most arduous times – both financially and emotionally.

A seasoned litigator, mediator, and divorced mother of two children, she has the legal knowledge, skill, and compassion to make her a staunch legal proponent to have on your side.

At your initial consultation, Ms. Allen will talk with you to assess your very specific legal needs. Drawing upon her extensive legal experience and the experiences of decades of clients, together you will put together a legal plan designed to accomplish your goals as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Once you hire Ms. Allen, you can be assured that she, personally, will handle your matter continually through its conclusion. Never will you or any portion of your case be pushed off to any other attorneys or behind-the-scenes associates.

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