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You married one another. Perhaps you have children together. Stress is present, but you are hopeful that, if at one point in life you did these things, you can now communicate throughout the divorce process and, with some guidance by a trained mediator and perhaps some information as to the law, you can now work together to arrive at a resolution designed by both of you rather than attorneys whom you have only recently met or a judge whom you may never even see at all. You wish to avoid the expense of having two lawyers in the mix and the adversarial nature of contested courtroom proceedings that can create an even greater rift between you. In these instances, mediation can be an effective solution.

Kimberly Allen is experienced in the art of mediation. In that scenario, she is not the attorney or advocate for either one of you but rather represents you equally; she will never meet with or otherwise communicate with one of you in the absence of the other.  Rather, she will work openly with both of you at all times. She will not tell you what you should do, but rather guide and educate you so that you and your spouse, together, will be able to arrive at a fair resolution.

Ms. Allen will meet with both of you to define and discuss the issues arising in your particular situation. She can educate you as to relevant law. Perhaps most importantly, throughout the process, she will help you keep your communication and problem-solving flowing in a respectful way that might be difficult were the two of you to meet together alone.

If you have questions about the mediation process or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact the Law Office of Kimberly B. Allen today.