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No two divorces are the same, yet be rest assured that, even if you are going through what seems to be an insurmountable situation, you are not alone in your experiences. Through decades of representing countless clients in these sometimes incredibly difficult times, Kimberly Allen is highly skilled at identifying and pursuing the best course of action for her clients.  She is very skilled and sensitive when dealing with high emotions that can go hand in hand with issues involving custody, infidelity, domestic violence, addiction, uncertain future earnings, the prospect of having to leave or sell your home or giving up a good portion of your lifetime earnings or retirement for which you have worked so hard. During these times of great emotional pressure, with Kimberly by your side, you will not be alone.

If you are fortunate enough to get along reasonably well with your spouse or if there are only minor issues to iron out, Kimberly will be more than happy to represent you in an uncontested divorce. In that scenario, you will, in all likelihood, never have to go to court yourself and your divorce will be finalized quickly and inexpensively.

From high-asset, complex property or business distribution cases to simple, uncontested matters – no case is too big or too small.