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Family Law

Kimberly represents married and unmarried clients in every type of Family Court matter including custody, parenting time, grandparenting time, foster care, child protective, paternity, family offense/restraining orders, paternity and support.

No cases are more emotionally charged than custody cases; their outcome impact the futures of the only people more important than you: your children.

Kimberly has the experience, skill and sensitivity to guide you through this process and work toward the best possible outcome for the young ones who depend on you to make sure they will be safe and financially supported, and to pave the way for them to become happy adults.

Oftentimes, there is already a Family Court order in place but either circumstances have changed or the other party is not following the order.  In that scenario, Kimberly will represent you in either modifying or enforcing your custody, parenting time or support orders.

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