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Divorce and Social Media

The rise of the internet, wireless networks, and smartphones have given way to a hyper-connected world where events – large or small- can spread worldwide in a matter of seconds. This unprecedented access to information sharing- particularly on social media- has made our personal lives public. Under such circumstances, personal matters such as divorce can also fall under public scrutiny.

As such, I strongly urge you to practice a measure of restraint on social media during the divorce process.

What To Do

Opting out of social media might feel odd in this day and age, but it is the safest way to progress through your case. If you do feel the urge to post something, consider it over carefully from every possible angle as an observer. Would it be easy to twist your words to work against you? When in doubt, simply do not hit the “enter” tab!

Never post details of your case online, ever. Even private messages are not a safe place for such sensitive subject matter inasmuch as they can still be hacked and used to damage your case. When you do need to talk about your case, your spouse, the ways in which you are being wronged- discuss it in person. Similarly, criticizing the judge, the system, or your ex’s lawyer will only damage your character, and could very well have grave consequences for your case.

Navigating these and the very many other details of your divorce proceeding are certainly difficult.  Contact my office to schedule a no-obligation consultation to explore the path to streamlining your divorce today.